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About JPL Claim Services, LLC

JPL Claim Services, LLC is a full-service public adjusting company, offering professional, personalized support for residential, commercial and industrial insurance claims.

John Leros, Founder, Executive General Adjuster and Consulting Engineer at JPL Claim Services, LLC, graduated from Ohio University in 1987 with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Since then, he has built a successful career working on hundreds of large insurance-related projects, approaching a total value of $1 billion.

At JPL Claim Services, LLC we specialize in thorough and skillful investigation and analysis of property losses. We use our wide base of knowledge and experience to develop a supportable quantification of each loss for swift and pleasing resolutions for our clients.

In many cases, insurance companies and their experts are satisfied with a speedy exterior repair; however, we know damage sometimes occurs at deeper levels, identifiable only through extensive and thorough investigation of the loss.

It is our objective and our mission to ensure you have the financial resources you need to restore your property to the exact condition it was in before your loss, or better. We strive to uncover every aspect of damages present—even damages insurance adjusters often do not see and therefore leave out of the payment. That is where our skillful inspection and analysis comes in.

The team at JPL Claim Services, LLC has extensive experience, including:

  • Appraising industrial complexes throughout the country.
  • Manager at an international public adjusting firm with industrial, commercial and residential claims each averaging approximately $1.4 million in size.
  • Working with clients in aircraft manufacturing, foundries, paper mills, steel mills, food processing, resorts, restaurants, schools, churches and homes.
  • Resolving claims arising from Hurricanes Fran, George, Katrina and Lenny.
  • Resolving claims arising from various causes including fires, tornadoes, floods, and other perils.As your partners, we want you to rest assured we are going to be beside you every step of the way. Experience, professionalism, and a true desire to see you get your home or business back on track, drives everything we do.
  • Contact us for a complimentary consultation, or Report-A-Loss.