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Custom Solutions to Meet Your Specific Needs


At JPL Claim Services, LLC, we understand that every insurance claim, and every loss, is unique. That’s why we tailor our services to your situation.

It is our mission to manage every detail of your insurance claim, ensuring a professional, timely, fair resolution.

What We Do

As a public adjusting firm, JPL Claim Services is state licensed to investigate, assess and adjust claims solely on behalf of the financial interests of the policyholder (not on behalf of the insurance company).

We adjust claims of all types and sizes, including industrial, commercial and residential, and those arising from various causes including fire, wind, explosion, water, theft, collapse, and many other perils.

If necessary, we can act as your Named Appraiser or Umpire. If you and your insurance company are in dispute over values and/or losses, insurance policies allow each side to select their own Named Appraiser. The Named Appraisers of each side reevaluate, discuss, negotiate and attempt to resolve the disputes. If they don’t reach a resolution, an Umpire is selected to intervene as a mediator. When any two of the three individuals reach an agreement, such an agreement is considered binding.

Again, whether you choose to partner with us for every aspect of your insurance claim, or just a portion, it’s our mission to put your mind at ease and help you resolve your claim efficiently and equitably.

To take the first step in discovering whether we are a good match, please fill out the Report-A-Loss form for a free and confidential initial discussion, and review of your claim.


Step 1

We meet with you for an initial consultation, during which we agree on exactly what you need. You may choose to hire us for an all-inclusive service, in which we work to resolve all of your open claims—including loss of or damage to your buildings, your personal property or loss of use/loss of income—or to hire us for just one portion of your claim, for example only your personal property.

Step 2

We disclose a detailed summary of your insurance policy, with all of the pertinent benefits and limits of your coverage. We know insurance policies can look overwhelming at first glance, and that’s why we break it down for you to ensure you understand everything you need to know about replacement cost, actual cash value, loss of use and loss of business income and your policy’s time limitations. If applicable, we will go over the policy’s coinsurance clause, your option to demand appraisal, and your option to bring legal action against your insurance company in the absence of agreements, or Bad Faith.

Step 3

We will let you know if your policy includes any coverage extensions that are often overlooked by insurance companies’ adjusters and can add up to considerable amounts of available funding. These may include landscaping, code upgrade, newly acquired property, fire department charges, fine arts, electronic data processing, and valuable papers among others.

Step 4

We provide a professional, unbiased assessment of all damaged property as well as an assessment of consequential losses, such as loss of income.

  • For structures, we team with an experienced licensed general contractor to determine the cost for restoring the structure back to its pre-loss condition.
  • For personal property, we work with you to take a detailed physical inventory, by photographing and documenting each item and classifying whether it is total loss, needs to be cleaned or repaired, or it is damage-free. We research the market to evaluate replacement costs and actual cash values. We will assign each of the inventoried items in accordance to your policy’s coverage category.
  • For loss of use/loss of business income, we tabulate your loss related expenses to determine the claimable increased costs of living. For industrial and commercial losses, we may partner with an experienced CPA to calculate projections of net income that would have been earned as if the loss had never occurred.

Step 5

We create thorough, high-quality evaluation reports and claim proposals, focusing on first-rate information. Upon your approval, we submit on your behalf all claim proposals to your insurance company.

Step 6

We evaluate the insurance company’s reports, and examine them for deficiencies, and then prepare comparison worksheets to summarize potential differences so we can pinpoint areas for review, discussion and negotiation.

Step 7

We’ll communicate and meet with representatives from your insurance company, including its adjusters, to review and discuss all aspects or potential issues of your claim. We might meet at the loss site, via telephone or in conference room settings.

Step 8

You receive the money to which you’re entitled so you can restore or replace your damaged property with your choice of contractors.

Step 9

Upon completion of the restoration or replacement of your damaged property, we prepare expenditures worksheets in order to file claims of available withheld depreciations.