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After our fire, we were in no state to deal with our insurance company. Filing a claim was a lot more work then we ever could have imagined, and we still had to carry on with our daily routine and deal with the mess from the fire.  When it came to the shock we had been through and the work load that resulted, we had a very hard time finding help that understood us.  We felt pressured to settle before we had really considered the extent of damages and the repairs that would be necessary.

Mr. Leros’ (JPL Claim Services) professional and honest manner together with his knowledge and experience in working with insurance companies, made placing our claim much less burdensome and he prevented us from making mistakes by warning us about common problems.

Our claim was worth more than we thought and Mr. Leros helped us get the full value when the insurance company would not help us to find the damages, to understand their extent and required repairs.

Based on the enormous help we received and the peace of mind we had, we strongly recommend JPL Claim Services to handle your claim and all the tedious labor while you are trying to get your life back in order after a disaster has damaged your property.

The Sisters of St. Johns Monastery

I want to thank you very much for all your hard work on my claim.  Although at first I was hesitant to bring you in, thinking it will just cost me money, boy am I glad I did.  Somehow you managed to increase the insurance payout by over 80% and you did it very quickly.  Without your help my claim would have been grossly underpaid.

I definitely recommend your services to anyone that has suffered a loss, and I hope they don’t hesitate as I did in hiring you as soon as possible.

Thanks again Mr. Leros.

Mike L.

After the roof collapse at my place of business, I should have retained your services a lot sooner.  The amount of work that goes into preparing claim proposals and dealing with the insurance company is much more than I ever thought.

While the insurance adjuster was very courteous, I noticed he lacked an interest in fully examining my damages.  You on the other hand, methodically inspected, addressed and prepared detailed damage evaluations that included all of the damages, not just a few as the insurance adjuster had identified.

Because of your knowledge and experience, you were able to succeed in increasing my claim to a much larger amount than what the insurance adjuster initially estimated.  I think he too was a bit surprised of how high it was.

I definitely recommend your services to anyone that needs to deal with insurance claims and I sincerely appreciate all of your efforts.

Thanks again and I hope you continue helping others as you helped me.

Sam B.